Hand Bells

In addition to ringing tower bells, Essendon also has a team of hand bell ringers.  The group meets regularly during the autumn to practice tunes and carols which we ring at the Christmas Candlelight Supper held in the church in December, and also during carol singing at various venues in the week before Christmas.  Few of us had any experience ringing handbells so we have helped each other in learning tune ringing.

So far, we have not attempted any change ringing on the handbells.

After the restoration and augmentation of the tower bells in 1990, we decided that our motley collection of handbells (in various states of repair) should be refurbished and augmented.

In 1995 Whitechapel Bell Foundry supplied us with a diatonic ring of twelve bells in 13Eb. Six bells were added in 2007 and a further eight in 2009 so that we now have a total of 26 bells: two octaves in G plus accidentals.

You don't have to be a tower bell ringer to ring the handbells.   If you would like to join in please call at our Tuesday evening tower bell practice or contact Paula Marshall, who organises the handbell ringing.